Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3 is here!

 Would you like to be more productive and achieve your goals? I have great news for you.

 Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3 is now available to help you maximize the premiere task management application, OmniFocus.

 If you’re new to my productivity writing, the previous editions of Creating Flow have taken numerous OmniFocus users to the next level. 

 If you purchased my previous editions, you know that with each OmniFocus update there is more to learn and a chance to accelerate your growth. Creating Flow 3 seizes that opportunity allowing you to get the most out of the new OmniFocus including step-by-step guides to tags, new custom perspectives, Forecast additions and more.

Creating Flow 3 was written to offer an “unfolding” approach.  You don’t need to go through the whole text to have a working system. In fact, you could just get by with “Getting Started” and be up and running. But if you want to really crush it, you can always turn the page to keep enhancing your system into a more and more powerful machine.  

 Gradually, Creating Flow 3 makes large projects easier whether you are building a business, writing a thesis or just about any goal you choose.

Quite importantly, you can still create space in the day. Creating Flow is not about getting as much done in as little time as possible. Certainly, if you have not learned efficiency, Creating Flow will help you find it. More importantly, however, it is about clearing paths to develop what you find to be most meaningful, OmniFocus being a tool for that process.

Beyond simply describing the use of OmniFocus, Creating Flow integrates concepts from the eLit award-winning Workflow Mastery and Being Productive into a smooth, near self-sustaining system. For example, at several points, I encourage you to sit back and consider what it would take to feel settled, not only with your system but more importantly with yourself. That changes with the more you learn. You may want to incorporate ideas or you may feel their maintenance is more than you’d need. I structure a few points to help you make those decisions as you go.

I want to reward action takers, so I am offering discounted pricing for the first month only. If you buy before November 27, full price is only $29.95. Or upgrade from any previous edition for just $19.95. After November 27, full price will be $34.95 and the upgrade will be $24.95. As before, there is 30-day money-back guarantee.

 Get started elevating your work and your life today.