Creating Flow with OmniFocus


As it is likely apparent, I like to do many things. In order to do so, I’ve needed to figure out a way to do it all and keep tabs on multiple projects at once. Meanwhile, I like to focus on things in front of me when I do them.

Creating Flow is more than just a guide to using the very powerful productivity application OmniFocus. In the end, it’s not only about task management, but to some degree, it is also about finding and actualizing the things you want to do in life from the practical day to day to the overarching goals one might decide to make.

It was written over the course of the last year after I had done several postings which seemed to be useful to others. At first, I thought I would write a PDF of about 30-45 pages about using OmniFocus. That pdf turned into over 500 pages of screenshots, examples, tutorials and the like. In a very interesting way, writing the book has been an exercise of all of the principles I describe in the book itself.

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