Creating Flow with OmniFocus was written for Omnifocus 1. As OmniFocus has reached version 2, Creating Flow with OmniFocus (1) has clearly become dated.

I can say that many of the principles of V1 are still relevant, but I have made some workflow refinements that I plan to develop and write about in V2. Also, a reader of V1 will need to adapt its ideas to OmniFocus 2’s new layout and key commands.

All this is to say:

Creating Flow with OmniFocus version 1 has dropped to $19.95.

After the price drop was first announced via the mailing list, several readers had asked about the possibility of upgrade pricing or free updates for owners of version 1. I do not plan for either at this time, though if that changes, I’ll probably list it in the FAQ. Let’s see if I can even finish CFWO2 first.