Getting to your work quickly and smoothly is important to getting it started in the first place. One important component that I’d been using over the years to make that happen was Jesse Hollington’s gotolink.scpt. You can check out the full post I did about it here.

In short, with this script, I could:

  • Select a task with a link in its note field:

Selected task with a custom perspective link

  • Run a Keyboard Maestro macro assigned to Option-Command-Space.

and I’d quickly have my work ready to go:

Piano Practice Perspective

There was a bit of set up involved, but once set it worked nicely. This way, I could keep my main today list simple, but I could also dive into the details of my work.

New Setup

Now, however, the Omni Group has created an automation that replaces the function. To use it:
1. Navigate to the OmniFocus Plug-In Collection
2. Download the Plug-In titled “Open Project|Action Note URL”
3. Unzip the file
4. In OmniFocus, select Menu > Automation > Configure…
5. Drag the unpacked plug-in into the window. I use “OmniFocus in iCloud Drive” option


You can dive into more details about automation and its installation here.

At this point, you should be able to see it in your automation menu:

Open Note URL Menu Option

Clearly, I’ve been experimenting with the multiple automation options available at the site.

If you’d like, you can create a Keyboard Maestro macro without much fuss:

Keyboard Maestro macro to trigger Open Note URL automation

And, if you want to take it that much further, you can combine it with the Hook App to be able to access just about anything on your system.