Welcome to BeingProductive.org!

Being Productive is about helping you get to your goals with calm focus.

For many of us, it can seem a mystery as to how people get anything done. But there are real concrete steps to get there.  It’s just that there are several steps. And often, the people who know what they’re doing, can’t even describe how they got there.

Those real steps are what this site is about. It’s about finding calm focus as you get to where you want to be. Take a look at the blog, the books, and the course. Sign up to the mailing list for free samples.

Being Productive started as a blog called Using OmniFocus.  Regular readers of UsingOmniFocus.com will notice now being forwarded here. Please know, I have every intention of continuing to write about OmniFocus as my task management tool of choice.

And now, I’d also like to write about productivity writ large, other useful applications, and the like.