“I Have a Wandering Mind…”

“I had never understood why other people could do everything on time in an orderly way, while I was a victim of deadlines and overflowing inbox lists. Definitely, I have a wandering mind. After years of trying multiple time management methods and applications, I have finally started to improve my productivity thanks to this course. It teaches the basic concepts that can be applied to several systems (from pen and paper to fancy apps). You learn how to decide what to do in the present moment (the anchor technique), principles of organizing, ways to engage in a task and make transitions to other tasks, an easy way to daily manage lists, and how to control your inbox overflow. Once you understand the concepts, rather than following fixed rules, you start applying your own time management method.”

– Juan, from Madrid, Spain

In , students learned the power of the Anchor and Lighthouse techniques, shifted their approach to work, and found ways to guide rather than force themselves. In doing so, I personally saw many hit their stride.

It’s not about the app. It’s not about just trying harder or being more diligent somehow. These often just lead to another round of exhaustion.

Instead, it’s about building on subtle changes that reach a threshold where all you’ve already learned, inside or outside of the course, can finally bloom.

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“…a Life Changer”

“The course has not only given me a few tools, but has actually given me the means to leverage those tools into a system that will allow me to process what really is almost 50 years worth of accumulated desires that are represented by reams of post-its, papers, notebooks, etc. which I’ve been carrying around in what I’ve just learned that people with ADHD refer to as a ‘doom box’.
“You might think of it as the bag under your bed. My doom box is, in fact, all the undone things that, for what I think of as psychological reasons, I’ve not been able to attend to. And the course has given me, first a way to guide myself to attend to them and then second a system for actually attending to them.
“And that’s been, as I say to everyone who asks, a life changer. I wake up happy, and I have not done that for most of my life.
”Kourosh’s gentle approach in Waves of Focus incorporates a deep understanding of the primary theme of the course: that agency is best effected by self-control of attention. This might be easy to convey — the healthful trick is to learn _how_ to return agency to the self, particularly a self that has, through ignorance or damage, lost hold of that primary tool of being.
“Waves of Focus hands you easily-implemented behaviors that are subtly designed to allow you to take advantage of all the other tools of productivity and self-actualization that are available. For me — I’ve lived through sixty Junes — this was the key, the missing link, the bottom rung without which I found myself again and again incapable of sustained progress. The course has made each day brighter. It changed my life for the better.”

– Kirby

“From a place of gentle awareness”

“Waves of Focus met several needs for which I had long struggled to find resources. It helped me recognize the subtle emotional dynamics that not infrequently thwarted even my best-laid productivity plans. It helped me approach these challenges from a place of gentle awareness and accountability rather than paralysis, panic, or shame. It taught me concrete techniques to prevent certain familiar problems, and also to respond in the moment when I get stuck despite my best efforts. And it gave me a great sense of encouragement by doing all these things in the company of others with similar strengths and struggles, under the expert guidance of Kourosh.”

– D