It all depends on the granularity of the decisions you are setting aside.

If you are in the middle of writing a report and you notice out of the corner of your eye that someone is texting you, you can write a task to respond in the Inbox. But that won’t mean much unless you have a habit of clearing the Inbox at the end of a session.

If you like to set aside ideas for the work you are in the middle of and return to them before wrapping up, a regularly cleared Inbox can again be very helpful.

However, you may be quite good at focusing on the work at hand, readily set small matters aside without using a centralized Inbox, and return without fuss. If so, the Inbox may tend to hold other matters that can wait for a day before addressing.

Ultimately, useful questions are:

  • Do I trust the Inbox to hold things aside for when I need them?
    • If not, it is time to clear the Inbox.
  • Do I have a nagging feeling that something I need to address is waiting in the Inbox?
    • If yes, it is time to clear the Inbox.