“I just need to read/eat/do more.”

When researching, there is an interesting period during which get more by taking break from reading. Instead, I play with the ideas that I’ve gathered. Usually, they’re sitting in the Inbox as I’m building ideas, writing new ones to the Inbox, connecting them to other notes and more.

And yet, I have this continued feeling of a pull to keep reading.  It’s as if there is this part of me that thinks I will understand better if I only read more. Some resistance can paradoxically manifest in the desire to consume more.

It is something of a subtle resistance or procrastination that appears to prevent me from actually making progress on understanding an idea. To really get into something, I need to be able to play. Otherwise, I cannot incorporate it into my own thinking.

For this reason, it is important to hold back from consumption in order to digest and achieve that next plateau of understanding.  But it is equally important not to wander off.  All it takes is to stay with the work, to look at it, and see what comes to mind. Easier said than done.