I ran into this fascinating article about a school called Fairhaven in Maryland. Those of you who know me, know already of the soap box I have regarding the present-day school systems. I don’t think it’s just me – there are a lot of frustrated parents, teachers, and kids out there, too. But reading something like this is refreshing.

The idea is basically that young people are a heck of a lot more capable than what many adults seem to think. While the mainstream school system only asks for more tests, more regulations, and more sitting still and silent for endless hours of each day, it’s wonderful to see people blazing the trail to the elegant simplicity of what could be natural learning.

Donald Winnicott, a previous pediatrician and psychoanalyst, mentioned the importance of play in learning. We can even see this process in children or adults who are playing. They are totally absorbed in a task and are visibly processing that which interests them. It makes sense to incorporate this same sensibility into a school system.