David Sparks has just released his latest field guide, this time on DEVONthink!

David Sparks is a kindred spirit. He works in his law practice while building these excellent field guides. He writes about productivity-related matters, but entirely while he is engaged in his real, nitty-gritty day-to-day. He writes about the things he uses and enjoys, and as a result, he does a solid job with no fluff. Meanwhile, his production values are continually improving.

Part of what makes DEVONthink so daunting is the power it has not only under the hood but over the hood, too. There’s lots of stuff you can do that is not apparent at first glance, but there are also lots of things happening on the screen. Where to start may not be so simple.

I’ve been going through the course starting with the basics. After all, most of mastery is a mastery of the basics. Even here, I’m discovering ways of interacting with the program that I hadn’t considered before.

He’s also got videos of 6 different people, including myself, describing use cases of DEVONthink.

Here’s the blurb:

• Over seven hours
• 100+ videos
• Over 9 Gigabytes of video files
• PDF and ePub transcripts
• Downloadable data sets and scripts
• Fully captioned
• Combined videos for easier download
• Six video interviews with DEVONthink power users where they explain how they use the app.
• Everything you need to take you from a DEVONthink novice to expert.
• PRICE: $49, but there will be a limited-time launch discount at $44.

The DEVONthink Field Guide teaches you, soup to nuts, how to take advantage of one of the most powerful research / artificial intelligence / do-anything-with-your-files apps available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, DEVONthink. With over seven hours of content the course starts from zero and by the end turns you into a DEVONthink pro. The material is accessible to beginners and power users alike, with a thorough explanation of DEVONthink and all its features.