The community continues to produce some excellent resources for using OmniFocus. Check out the following …

The OmniFocus Video Field Guide

David Sparks has put together an excellent OmniFocus Video Field Guide. David breaks down the process of its use into overview, capture, process, action, and review phrases.  As with his other field guides, David is able to turn what seem to be complex concepts into their clear simple components.  It’s quite excellent.

The GTD guy himself, David Allen, was also featured on a recent episode of MacPower Users.

The OmniFocus Redux Series

Sven Fechner also does a lot of good writing on OmniFocus. Check out his recent series on using OmniFocus here:

Also, check out these very nice articles from Tyler Hall in which he describes his evolving use of OmniFocus:

The OmniFocus Screencast Series

There is also an entire Youtube Screencast series you can watch here created by the Screencast Academy. It’s done in 22 chapters, roughly 5 to 10 minutes each.


The Second Edition of Creating Flow with OmniFocus is in its final formatting stages. I hope to send out a more wordy announcement soon. Yay!

– Kourosh