The Omni Group is working on an update for OmniFocus. Check out all the release notes here.


Of particular interest to me are:


  • Vibrant Interface — We adjusted the OmniFocus interface to fit better in OS X Yosemite. That included making new toolbar icons, adjusting the appearance of some other elements, and incorporating vibrancy where appropriate.
  • Extensions — OmniFocus for Mac now has Today and Share extensions, just like on iOS. To enable to Today extension, click Edit at the bottom of Notification Center.
  • Sharing — In addition to accepting content from other apps, actions can be shared from OmniFocus using the share button in the toolbar.
  • Grouping Actions in Quick Entry — The app no longer hangs when grouping actions in the Quick Entry window.


Also, the interface feels overall to be snappier.  If I change some parameter that moves a task around the database, it makes that move quickly.