Today, I’m launching an OmniFocus Basics video course.  It’s a series of seven short videos that will be rolled out over the course of 7 weeks. It’s totally free, and the first one is available now:

OmniFocus Basics [1/7] – A Mindset

If you’re brand new to OmniFocus, it can feel rather daunting to even know where to start. A rabid fanbase, examples of intricate systems, and more can seemingly stand in your way. I’ve seen comments that because there happens to be a large book related to OmniFocus (/me whistles quietly to himself) that this is evidence that OmniFocus is too complex for them.

Of course, I disagree. I think that there are definitely simple ways to use OmniFocus. Not only that, but I think it can be quite powerful when used simply.

I wanted to create a simple introduction that melds a few basic productivity principles with the major uses of OmniFocus. If you’re looking for a resource to get a taste and get started, this is it.