The Omni Group is re-introducing styling to OmniFocus with the latest test builds:

Dashboard - Dark Mode

To check it out, go to the styling tab in preferences (Command-,):

Adjusting Modes

You can also adjust font. I’m pretty happy with the Proxima Nova font, but I’ve posed Georgia above.

More functionally, the sync has an improvement I’m most happy with (from the release notes):

Sync — Added a quiescence timer so that we can block integrating sync changes while you are actively typing (these integrations could cause inadvertent deletion, especially in notes and titles).

Before this, I would open the laptop while listening to a phone message. At the same time, in the Inbox, I’d type in notes in a task’s note field. Unfortunately, those notes would occasionally disappear when syncing. The update takes care of that issue.


TextExpander — Fill-in Snippets once again work in the Sidebar.