OmniFocus 3 is here!  While it has been out for iOS for sometime, the OS X version is where it seems its boldest. At the laptop or desktop is where I do my most in depth work, and where I find OmniFocus to be most smooth and powerful.

OmniFocus 3 brings tags. Instead of having to select a single context in which to do work, you can now add any number of tags to a single task.  And, you can re-order tasks manually in tags.

Perspectives have been completely revamped. They are much more malleable, adjustable, changeable, and just plain excellent. You can quite precisely choose what tasks you want to see and when.

The Forecast mode now allows a specific tag for tasks to hang around. That means that for those of you who use the Forecast mode as your main perspective, you no longer have to game the system of defer and due dates. Tasks with a Forecast tag just hang around until you’ve marked them complete.

The repeat functions are, at the same time, simpler and more robust. They are simpler in that you can easily add a simple repeat, but if you want something special to happen, like “repeat every 3rd Saturday”, you can make that happen, too. The detail you need tends to appear at the times you need them and stay out of the way otherwise.

Visually, OF3 is looking slick. I’m quite happy with how The Omni Group has given it a lovely update in design. It feels smooth, and I’ve been having fun with it.