In our last posts, we looked at Devonthink and the idea of building notes. But how can you start? Devonthink is such a vast application that you might find yourself intimidated before you even start.

One place to start is with where I got into it, namely the WikiLink.

To get there,

  • Open DEVONthink
  • Open Menu > DEVONthink 3 > Preferences… (Command-,)
  • Go to the WikiLinks tab:

You’ll see a whole set of options to play around with. Pay particular attention to the top area:

If you:

  • Set WikiLinks to “Automatic”
  • Choose “Names and Aliases”
  • Choose either “All Items” or “Only Documents”

You’ll make connecting your notes a breeze.

For example, let’s say I have a note that I’ve started called “Character”:

Anytime I type the word “Character” from another card, DEVONthink will automatically create a link:

This might seem like a small matter, but when you’ve got a whole set of note cards (I’m pushing 800 at the moment, and I know of others in the forums who are well in the 1,000’s), then having such a neat way to readily connect notes can be super neat.

Sometimes, though, you might want to connect to the same card using different links. For example, I might want to use the words “characters” and “characterization” to also link to the “Character” note.

To do so,

  • Go to the “Character” note.
  • Open the Generic Inspector (Control-1)
  • In the Alias section, enter the other terms separated by semi-colons:

Now, anytime I write those words, they’ll link to the same note as well.


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