One of the neat things about DEVONthink is that you can link to any part of it. PDFs, notes, folders, groups and more can easily be reached with a url.

That means we can connect it to a task manager like OmniFocus.

To make a link,

  • Select a document in DEVONthink:
  • Select Menu > Edit > Copy Item Link (Control-Option-Command-c):
  • Open Quick Entry in OmniFocus (my preference is Control-Option-Space as created in preferences)
  • Type Command-‘ to open the note field
  • Type Command-v to paste the link
  • Type Command-‘ to return to the task title and write a corresponding task
  • Select save or “Clean up” Command-k

However, there is a faster way using the automator Keyboard Maestro. With the following macro, I have Keyboard Maestro Copy the link, open OmniFocus’ Quick Entry, paste the link in the note field, and set the cursor to type in the task all in one go:


And that concludes the Introduction to Taking Smart Notes with DEVONthink series. If you’re up for taking your ideas to the next level, discover inspiration, and be able to manage your digital life, check out Taking Smart Notes with DEVONthink: