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“Maybe I Just Need Another List…”

“Maybe I Just Need Another List…”

“We’re out of milk.”


“Ding! There’s another message I gotta respond to…”


“There’s that darn bill again…”

Whether by interest or intrusion, **things** come to mind.

“But, I’m doing this thing now!”

Maybe if we ignore it, whatever it is will come back in just the right way so that we’d be able to do something about it, … later.

Or, in our better moments, we might wonder:

“How can I deliberately get this to come back to me?

And so we can create a signal of one sort or another such as:

  • Objects of the ideas themselves – e.g. the empty milk jug sitting near the door
  • Symbols of the written word – e.g. the phrase “Pay the bill!” scrawled on the fridge or neatly listed in a task manager
  • A clock time alert – e.g. a reminder to respond to some message an hour from now
  • An experience alert – (also known as “I’ll try to remember”) e.g. suddenly papers left in the printer come to mind while in the shower, so you deeply imagine *leaving the bathroom* to trigger a scene of picking up the papers
  • A person alert – asking someone else to remind us (also known as a marvelous way to build resentment)

We throw some message in a bottle into the sea of the Not Now so we can continue with the Now.

Unfortunately, we now hit another snag.

The Not Now is often littered with other signals, made by ourselves and others, crushing whatever signal-to-noise ratio may have once existed, as life’s winds and waters mockingly throw overboard whatever we held in working memory.

Sailing the seas is more than the written word.

Engaging well means being able to:

  • Anchor ourselves in the midst of scatter, exhaustion, or overwhelming options
  • Raising our sails to move forward, whatever direction makes sense to us in the moment
  • Recognize important matters as they arise and shifting when felt useful
  • Allow what we want into our worlds, while filtering what might be useful
  • Decide on our own directions
  • Maintain or change course with greater clarity over days, weeks, into the years
  • Avoid force while keeping the ability to decide for ourselves, wherever possible
  • Nurture the natural creative forces within to not only fill our sails, but to discover new places we might want to go

– Kourosh

PS – What makes for your sense of being meaningfully “productive?” Feel free to comment below.

What is Productivity?

Productivity is many things. For some, it is about doing a lot in a little time.
But, truly, productivity is so much more. It is about:

  • Setting yourself up for success.
  • Being focused where you want to be.
  • Doing things that you find meaningful.
  • Being creative, sometimes even in harsh environments.
  • Forging your own paths.
  • Finding your voice and delivering it well.
  • Knowing and actively deciding on your obligations.
  • Knowing where and how to say “no”.
  • Avoiding procrastination.

Too often, many of us fall into just going along with and fighting whatever the world throws at us. “Go with the flow!”, we say. Meanwhile, we might think, “I’d like to do that one thing. Maybe one day I will.” The days go by. The goal never arrives, and then we wonder why or blame circumstance.

But when we learn to take charge of our lives and the world
around us, we start living life with intention.

“I should do that,” becomes “This is how I start”. Deliberately forging a path to our goals and dreams, we figure out what we want in life and then start taking steps there.

Of course, striking out may seem scary. It takes courage to live life with purpose and on purpose. Roadblocks and worries, fears and concerns show up everywhere.

This is my passion. I want to help you to find that sense of your own unique play to meet the world so that you can:

  • Create a life that is yours.
  • Find and follow an inner guide in a way that works for you and those you care for.
  • Decide on your obligations and meet them while building the world you want.

Productivity Journal

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