The Escapist – The Milkman Cometh

The question of whether or not video games can be considered art seems to be as persistent as the question of what is art. So, I’m not going to bother much with trying to answer that one. (Actually, the answer is yes.)

But, this article does a good job discussing one of my favorite games – Psychonauts. (Though I’m not too fond of the images used as they’re a bit stereotypical.)

Beyond the artistic aspects of the game, however, are its attempts to discuss psychological conditions and components in an enjoyable way. The characters are full of life and provide fun interactions. The enemies in the mind are called “censors” and people carry “baggage” of the past.

The protagonist runs around trying to do a form of therapy via his psychic powers. The whole concept seems a type of hyper-empathy. Hmm, well it’s hard to explain. Anyway, I give it a thumbs up. 🙂