The Omni Group has released OmniFocus 2 on the iPad alongside Apple’s iOS8 update. I’ve just downloaded it and started to mess with it a few moments ago. Here are some brief things I’ve noticed …

It’s looking very nice. The iPad has acquired the very slick look of its iPhone and Desktop brethren. The general scheme now matches the rest. The three dots in a repeat circle is so wonderful that I found myself not using the iPad previous to the update because of it.

Here’s an example of my Communications Perspective in action:

Comsat Perspective - OmniFocus 2 iPad

Also neat is how the task editing screen has been completely revamped:

Editing a Task - OmniFocus 2 iPad


You can also move from one task to the next using the arrows highlighted in the image below:


In addition, there is new functionality to the iPad that was previously only available on the Desktop (pro version available as an in-app upgrade):

  • Create Perspectives
  • Edit Perspectives
  • View Project-based Perspectives – Woot!

Customizing Perspsectives- OmniFocus 2 iPad


(Off to call Mom & Dad …)