Boing Boing: streaming traditional music from Iran

YouTube – Mohammad Reza Shajarian – Live Part 1 / 6

Got this one from I don’t think many people have been exposed to classical Iranian music. More often, in the West, we might hear other types of Eastern music. Iranian music can be extremely powerful and emotional.

In terms of my own writing, I think hearing some of this music at a very young age influenced my style. The similarities of emotional style and tendencies towards introspection during performance are obvious in both my style as well as the one seen in this video.

It is fascinating to see how very early experiences influence the style of speech and communication through the filters of age. When I think of how I play, I think of the improvisational and emotional styles that stem from these cultural roots into and through the forms of western music, both in terms of classical as well as the electronic and rock oriented music.

The same is true of conventional language in anyone.  There is a strong influence upon a person’s development of communication during the times preceding any recognizable speech.