Simplicity is certainly a hallmark of maturity. But, it is not often a first step. It is a character of mastery gradually woven into our endeavors and lives.

As we attempt any new project or craft, we build supports, not fully knowing their upkeep or maintenance. How could we know? We haven’t done it before. While we could take the word of those who claim experience before us, and it is certainly important to hear their thoughts, we must also experience it ourselves. Without grounding in the self, we are without play, and therefore without mastery.

As we continue our paths of work, reviewing, repeating, and building iteration into our systems, we learn and re-learn the basics. We find new ways of constructing and creating. In the process, costs of our supports become more readily known.

Only then can we fully consider,

“Is this worth its cost for what I find meaningful?”

When asked regularly, the question prunes the gardens sown into any sought simplicity.