An engine in productivity is a completable list. If a list is sensed as completable within a certain time frame, it tends to be more motivating. That workable time frame may depend on the individual, the type of work, and general circumstances.

To this end, consider reviewing your system and determine which of your lists:

  • Are completable and
  • In what time frames are they completable?

Examples are:

  • Today – over a single day
  • Communications – over a single session, twice daily
  • Projects to review – daily or weekly
  • Inbox – cleared daily or weekly
  • Filing – over several days

There is certainly nothing wrong with having lists that are not completable. They may become more storage tank in nature, however. So long as they stay out of your way, preferably invisibly so, when working, such lists can be fine.

But, the habits of clearing individual lists make much of a solid system.