The custom perspective we will examine here depends on whether you use a Today (previously called “Dashboard”) perspective as I’ve described elsewhere.

Even the most efficient of us will have trouble getting everything planned for today done. There is simply no perfection in planning.

The Today perspective presents tasks as follows:

Example tasks of The Today Perspective

Example tasks of The Today Perspective

Check out its settings in the footnote below 1.

If we’ve missed several of these tasks in the past days, the perspective will still show the older tasks in the middle of the other ones without distinction.

But, what if we could view those tasks that have not been completed recently towards the top of the list? The Catch Up Perspective does exactly that:

Example tasks of the Catch Up Perspective

Example tasks of the Catch Up Perspective

Creating the perspective is quite simple if you are using the Today perspective:

  • Open the Perspectives Window (Control-Command-p).
  • Select the Today perspective.
  • Type (Command-d) to duplicate it.
  • Change the new perspective title to “Catch Up”.
  • Assign a key command if desired.
  • Change the grouping from Ungrouped to Defer Date:

Changing Perspective Group Settings

  1. Here are my curent settings for the Today Perspective:
    Today Perspective Settings

    Today Perspective Settings