Repetition is a major building block in music just as it is for life, in general. It is used in the establishment of patterns which build into larger patterns. It carries structure from which new themes can arise.

Though there is sometimes a fear of suppressing creativity with repetition, I personally note a definite increase in not only being able to create but also being able to follow through and complete projects. This is true for endless tasks such as practicing music or exercise, or for defined projects such as writing a post like this one.

Repetition, in this sense, is not about doing the exact same thing each time. It is about a regularity of showing up to something. What happens when there can and will change.

We’ll now look at several places in which repetition helps us. In this series (which began as a re-write of a post that is now over 10 years old!), we’ll look at how repetition is important in developing ourselves and how we can leverage task management to help us. The series will post weekly.  Links will become available as they are published: