At the end of a session of work, I often feel tired. The last thing I want to do is think through putting things away. Storing work means I have to think through what it would take for me to return to not only the materials but perhaps the mindset as well. I also need to think through how to keep the materials out of my way of other projects, too.

But, I am tired.

Still, I find that if I sit with the feeling of tiredness, simply observing it, the feeling of impossibility within the tiredness tends to lift. That is when I began to recognize at least some of where things can go. Rather than force the ideas of storage, the ideas tend to come to me. I can then attempt to turn these ideas into words and store them as tasks. As I do so, I begin building a momentum in closing the session.

In this way, I do not push past the tiredness. Instead, I sit with it, and allowed it its space and time.