We can already add and remove a Forecast tag using Control-Command-l. But what about other tags? The only thing that comes close is the adding and removal of a flag using Shift-Command-l.

Here’s a neat trick using a script created by Bryan Gebhardt (Gebby) on the Automator’s forum. It’s an Applescript to toggle any tag, much like you can already do with the Forecast tag. You’ll also need a key binding app such as Keyboard Maestro.

Be aware that I’d consider this advanced use. To do the trick:

  • Copy and paste the code from the Github site.
  • Create and save the file in Script Editor.
  • Add the file to the OmniFocus Script folder (or anywhere you can remember):

  • Create a Keyboard Maestro macro to trigger the script using your preferred key command:

I’ve kept the Control-Command-(key) structure to maintain continuity.

I’ve been playing around with my top-tier tags @Quick and @Consider. To have individual key commands for each, rather than choose them from a menu, I’ve created two individual files:

In each, I set the variable to a single tag, rather than the default list:

Hat tip to Joel Anderson. Thanks!