Using DEVONthink Alongside OmniFocus

DEVONthink is a natural complement to OmniFocus. DEVONthink excels at easily storing and retrieving information and OmniFocus can be used to help ensure that the great ideas that you’ve captured are revisited regularly and manifest into something useful.


Overview of the LIVE Session

On July 15th, I gave a live presentation to members of Learn OmniFocus on using OmniFocus and DEVONthink together. Here are some of the topics I went over during the session:

  • Why I chose DEVONthink to store my notes.
  • How DEVONthink can act as a hub
  • DEVONthink as a Slip-Box.
  • How to easily create links between ideas that you’ve captured in DEVONthink.
  • Linking to DEVONthink notes using OmniFocus
  • How to use tags in DEVONthink to identify notes that need to be reviewed.
  • How to link your OmniFocus projects and actions with information stored in DEVONthink.
  • How to use repeating actions in OmniFocus to ensure that the information stored in DEVONthink gets the appropriate amount of attention.
  • And more…

I’ve given talks at Learn OmniFocus before. Here’s one where I talked about my workflow with OmniFocus around the time of releasing Creating Flow with OmniFocus.