Perhaps, I’m biased being both a shrink and a gamer, but I am still amazed at the unbelievable negative press video games can get.

In any case, I think it definitely worthwhile to help promote an article that discusses one of the major things parents can do in helping a child avoid problematic playing – play with the child.

Video games and the technology surrounding them create an environment. They connect a person with a community of learning and people. These are real people and real communities with the real problems people bring with them. When kids hang out at a friend’s house, parents get involved and learn who the friend and familiy are. Similarly, when a child plays a game, parents can join in to learn.

The article, written by a clearly caring mother, describes not only understanding where her son goes, but also the bonding experience in which she and her son were able to participate.

Problematic play and behaviors can often begin when the world views of parent and child diverge. Parents learn the landscapes of their child’s interests and travel with the child. When done well, children learn how to take interests and may even do so to hear the wisdom of a parent’s life.