Update 2019-11-27: Check out Joe Buhlig’s live presentation of his workflow at Learn OmniFocus.

Joe Buhlig has updated his Working with OmniFocus for 2019 (affiliate link).

Joe jumps in fully by showing his set up from top to bottom. Working with OmniFocus is a solid presentation of his use of OmniFocus with an approach that revolves around defer dates, scripts, and time estimates.

His system has strengths in several areas including the use of scripts and his simplified daily view. It is probably one of the most unique systems that I have seen. In particular, he does not use tags at all, instead leveraging defer dates and time estimates heavily, while working from a single list. Importantly, Joe presents how he integrates the formation and orchestration of habits, arguably one of the most important functions of a task manager, with his larger scale goals and interests.

Another highlight includes his very interesting integrations with launcher Alfred and Brett Terpstra’s upcoming nvUltra. With this process, Joe uses Alfred to simultaneously create a project in OmniFocus, a note in nvUltra, and a folder to to coordinate the links to each other and any files. (He also provides instructions for setting it up for nvAlt as nvUltra isn’t quite available to the public yet.)  It’s a slick process that quickly sets up links between a project and its references.

Throughout, Joe describes his layout, naming conventions, how he constructs his reviews, all in detail and with his reasoning. Note, he does not go into basics such as might be found in the manual. The course will likely be most useful for those who have some familiarity with OmniFocus already and are interested in exploring and expanding their use.