I’m taking a momentary break, as I am excited with how the Waves of Focus – Guiding the Wandering Mind course turned out.

The first cohort completed its run last week, and the responses have been wonderful.

A new set of creative minds are now better equipped to build and grow in the worlds they design.

Throughout, I was reminded of everyone’s strength and ingenuity. I loved reading the stories of them applying exercises to their lives, and more importantly, finding a sense of hope in the process.

As each module came and went, I could see eyes light up as students connected where and how ideas could bridge into their daily lives.

Being there to answer questions, having everyone engage in breakout sessions, and more all worked wonders as everyone supported each other.

I’ve read comments about how the course:

  • has been a “game-changer”
  • gave structure to start building gradually rather than dive in and overwhelm themselves
  • gave them ways to better engage when distracted, and a lot more

One of the most heartwarming comments I read was about how they felt free—free to engage in the things they care about.

So what’s next? I don’t know just yet. Most likely, I’ll craft the lessons some more and then set up for another cohort in the coming months.