Since it is October, and zombies are major players in the roster of Halloween characters, why not create a theory combining meditation and zombies?

Zombies, after all, manifest some aspects of meditation quite well. Come Hell or high water, they are totally focused upon one task, they allow no distractions, and they go at their own natural pace.

If cultural movies tell us anything, it’s that zombies with slow methodical movements will always get to their goal – though a scene may need to be cut several times to imply the passage of time.

So the next time you are attempting to get through a task, think of the zombies:

  • working at a natural pace,
  • maintaining focused, and
  • minimizing distractions.

A disclaimer: I would suggest another object of focus for your meditational task besides the consumption of humanoid central nervous systems. I have not investigated the laws fully, so I would suggest checking with your own county and state laws as there are likely stipulations against such cannibalistic practices. Also, it is generally regarded as rather socially uncouth and uncool.

Hmm…. Ok. That’s enough silliness.