Just because you’re getting your work done,

Doesn’t mean you’re not exhausted doing it.

Consider why…

Taking care of the day-to-day, the chores, the hygiene, the calls, the emails,…

Some people come up with systems that work well. They create and make commitments and even get to things they want to do. Fantastic!

Some continue to struggle, unable to make ends meet. When a wave of motivation does happen to flow by, they can ride it until the house is spotless, the report is written, or the appointments are made. While all seems well, the next day arrives as the wave’s momentum is spent, and they feel dead in the water once again.

And then, there’s the third group, managing systems, making things happen, seeming like a success…

– Maybe they’ve perfected the art of procrastination, waiting until the deadline looms, where a sense of urgency wells within and boom, they’re working.
– Maybe they keep things on their mind through rumination and reminders, holding a tight grip because it’s so important.
– Maybe they’ve learned to keep a vigilance on the world around them, just so nothing gets by.

… but they are exhausted.

By all appearances, things seem fine. But underneath fear bursts at the seems.

The trouble is that such systems are run by anxiety itself.

For example, leveraging a deadline is about waiting for anxiety to build. You move from “I’m fine, there’s nothing to worry about yet,” to “I’m not fine! I gotta start!”

What seemed to be a caring phrase of “I’m fine” was really only addressing an anxiety that dictated matters all along.

To truly begin caring for Future You requires moving beyond finding fuels of anxiety to make the machine move.

– Kourosh

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