OmniFocus has two ways of working with the Inbox:

  1. The Inbox proper (Command-1) and
  2. Quick Entry (Option-Command-Space for me).

Both have their advantages. The Inbox holds all our deferred ideas for processing later. The Quick Entry just lets us add new things while keeping our other deferred ideas aside so we’re not distracted by them. Meanwhile, the Inbox can only be opened while using OmniFocus and Quick Entry can be opened from anywhere using a custom key command.

Sometimes, though, I’d like to get to my Inbox and its list of stuff from anywhere, too.

Enter Keyboard Maestro. I’m a huge fan of Keyboard Maestro as evidenced by the numerous posts I’ve written on its integration with OmniFocus. Check out the list below.

My friend, David Sparks, has just put out another one of his excellent Field Guides, this time specifically on learning and using Keyboard Maestro. (Please note, this may become an affiliate link. But also note, I think his field guides truly are quite solid.)

While watching it, I learned that I could use a combination of a key command and a trackpad stroke to make a combo. So, I’ve rigged a macro to take me to the Inbox by holding Control and swiping up. If you’re interested, this is what it looks like:

Here’s a set of other Keyboard Maestro posts on