A thousand thoughts a day…

First this, then that. Wait, what about the other thing?

Before one thought’s finished, the next has already knocked the first aside.

How does anyone remember to pay the bills? How does anyone make anything happen?

It would seem simple. We weigh our decisions and do one thing at a time, setting them aside and picking them up as we continue. That way we could:

  • Organize our environments to support us.
  • Learn to write and perform music at the piano.
  • Build long term projects like a course and community to foster learning and collaboration.

But of course, it’s not simple.

Emotions and feelings, thoughts and ideas, all come through in waves, battering about our conscious mind, our working memory, making it hard to even think of the very next thing to do, let alone plan.

That great idea never seems to have the impulse to carry us through to an end. Instead, we are often left with the flotsam of unfinished projects lying in our wake.

The solution is not in a top ten list, a 500-word post, or a feel-good meme. Neither will we find it by forcing ourselves with more “discipline”.

Instead, we find it in practice.

The irony of course is that practice (repetition, return, *habit*?!!) can be terrifying to consider.

But with a gentle approach, practice is no longer scary. Instead, we might discover that it’s about learning our own rhythms and how to guide them.

That’s how I both built and designed Waves of Focus: Guiding the Wandering Mind.

I’ve tried taking into account the core issues of the wandering mind into the design of the course itself:

  • The desire to learn for one’s self and the creativity often found within
  • The struggles of engagement, of diving deep, of staying with something
  • The difficulties of juggling many thoughts
  • The tendency to find engagement with others, and more

The practice of guiding a wandering mind begins with any single visit to the site. Your mind does the rest.

It’s like a well-designed video game. Nudge yourself forward and see what happens. Feeling up for challenge? It’s there. Feeling at a loss? You can back off. You’re in charge.

The game lines up, ready for you to take on what you want, when you want.

Waves of Focus launches today, May 5th, 2023.

You’ll get:

  • Many bite-sized lessons with more to come, all arranged in a smoothly building order. Skills you learn early create foundations for more advanced skills as you build.
  • Twice monthly live Q&A’s to discuss issues and lessons, the first scheduled for May 12th. Recordings will be made available if you can’t make the sessions.
  • A forum, where myself and other like-minded peers can hang out to discuss, share resources, and more
  • A suite of forum exercises to practice at your pace
  • The opportunity to watch or sign up for “Hot Seats”, where we can dive deep into your setup as a group

Keep access to the course when you unsubscribe.

While picking up one tip after the next on the Internet is possible, it can be a long and difficult slog. But if you instead have a lined up path where practice is simple, and peers nearby when you have questions, it can make a significant difference to making progress.

If any of the above sounds like you, consider signing up. For the first week only, there is a 20% discount. Enter MAYLAUNCH at checkout.

– Kourosh

PS, If you’re still not sure, I’ve set up a Calendly afternoon to discuss over a Zoom call. Grab a spot and let’s talk!