Ulysses is an excellent writing tool. It can help you store and organize a large amount of writing. It provides tags, folders, smart searches, and more.

However, there are more often times that I prefer to link to a specific document. In this way, I can link to that file from OmniFocus or elsewhere.

I struggled with Ulysses not having this feature until I reached out to their support team. Apparently, the feature does exist but is hidden. To access it:

  • Hold (Option).
  • While holding (Option), Control-click the file you want to link to.
  • Select “Copy Callback URL”:

At this point, you can create a task in OmniFocus and link to it from the note field:

  • Select a task to include the link.
  • Open the note field (Command-‘).
  • Paste the link (Command-v):
Task linking to Ulysses from OmniFocus

Task linking to Ulysses from OmniFocus

Here I have a task assigned to a project for writing posts and a @Draft context. It is repeating by Defer Again daily.

To access the file:

  • Select the link.

Alternatively, I like to use Jesse Hollington’s link script, which is likely my most used Applescript. Using it, I can select the task, and type my chosen keycommand (Option-Command-Space) to open the link. I do not need to open the note field. I do a more in-depth discussion here, but I’ve since changed the assigned hotkey.