Many of you have come to this site through my writings on OmniFocus (Here, Here, here and here). It’s been years since I’ve written much about it.

OmniFocus 4 has just been released by the Omni Group, and I’m super excited for it. As far as task management goes, it is still a powerhouse, and I continue to use it throughout the day.

I’ll occasionally look at other tools and be impressed by one characteristic, some graphical element, or otherwise.But inevitably, I’ll hit some snag and say, “wait, it can’t do *what*?!” and I’ll immediately be back at home with OmniFocus.

They don’t pay me to say this, though I did receive a stipend once for a talk I gave at Macworld 2013 if I remember correctly. I also make money from my book Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3.

When I’d first written Creating Flow, there was very little competition. Now there’s a ton, both in the ways of those creating content about OmniFocus, but also about a multitude of other apps out there, all jockeying for your attention as the thing to help you wrangle your intentions.

And still, Creating Flow sells.

I’d like to think that it’s because I write more than about the program itself, and instead focus on the workflow. There is a process to bringing our intentions to fruition, and OmniFocus is really just a tool to help, albeit a powerful one.

Every time OmniFocus has come out with a new version, I’d have a version of Creating Flow ready soon after.

So I wanted to just come out and say that such a book for version 4 is not currently underway. While I’d love to write it, I’ve just got other projects running at the moment. If/when I can get to CFWO, I’ll want to give it a dedicated channel of focus. But that’s just not in the cards at the moment.

For the time being, I’ll leave my latest book, albeit focused on OmniFocus 3, available for sale for anyone wanting to adapt its ideas to the newer version of OmniFocus. While the mechanisms may have shifted the ideology has remained the same.

– Kourosh

PS If you’re interested in the system behind the tool, take a look at Simple Steps to Calm Focus. It is a tool agnostic course that condenses a working system’s main features that you can then adapt wherever you’d like.