The term “harmony” finds its way into many places.
But I worry if its power has dissolved, diluted among commerce and culture.
But a pause brings its beauty and power from whatever had once obscured it, never truly lost, patiently awaiting an observer, should we ever be ready.
Hearing notes that sound good together…
… what makes them sound good together?
    Hills and valleys,
          Waves sloshing and peaking through time,
              Movements blending,
                      holding some homeostatic state of itself,
An artist senses this cohesion as they shape the frame.
Something resonates deeply within ourselves, as the nature in us reflects the moment’s experience, all coming together at the shores of perception.
Music in the words.
Harmony in our worlds.
– Kourosh
PS. Where’s the productivity newsletter this week?  I don’t know. Maybe I put it here, or there? I’ll check under the couch, hang on…