We can create a ready list of OmniFocus perspectives in DEVONthink. With a quick key command, we can then jump to that exact location in OmniFocus:

Quick links to OmniFocus from DEVONthink

An anonymous reader emailed me to describe this interesting use case for combining DEVONthink and OmniFocus. Since:

  • DEVONthink offers a quick means getting to linked items and
  • OmniFocus offers links to just about any aspect of the program,

we can combine them quite nicely.

There is some non-intuitive setup involved, but not much.

To Link to a Perspective

To link to a perspective:

  • Open a text editor like TextEdit
  • Type the link desired, for example, “omnifocus:///perspective/Current”
  • Select the written link
  • Copy (Command-c) the link so that it is on the system clipboard:


Copy link from TextEdit

  • Open the DEVONthink Sorter
  • Select the Web Clip panel:

Select Web Clip panel

  • Select “the URL on the clipboard” option:

Select URL on the Clipboard

  • Select a desired location or create a new one:

Choose Location

  • Select “Add” in the bottom right or type Command-s when done

To Link to a Project, Tag, Task, or Folder

To link to a project or anything that has a Copy as Link function available:

  • Secondary-click or Control-click the project to access the contextual menu
  • Select “Copy as Link”:

Select “Copy as Link”

  • Open TextEdit
  • Paste (Command-v) the link
  • Delete the extra (Return) at the end of the line:


Delete “Return”

  • And do the same as above starting with “Open the DEVONthink Sorter”.


  • Rename the file as would be useful:

Consider renaming the file

A Faster Setup

Consider lining several up for a quicker sequence of copy and paste:

A list of perspectives

In Use

You’ll now have DEVONthink items ready to quickly connect to OmniFocus:

List of OmniFocus perspectives in DEVONthink

To use any one of them:

  • Select the desired destination
  • Type Shift-Command-o

DEVONthink will open OmniFocus to exactly where you want it to.

While you could have a single folder that holds a ton of OmniFocus connections, it may be more useful to have a group in DEVONthink that relates to any particular project to which they are associated.

For example, if you have a section in DEVONthink related to a rental location, you could have a group with links to:

  • Tenant Agenda items
  • Manager Agenda items
  • Building Errand items

Thank you anonymous reader!