Alfred is an app that gets you to files, applications, and more quickly using a quick key command. I’ve been using it for years and have been quite happy with it.

It also has the ability to integrate “workflows” which gives you additional access to perhaps commonly used actions.

Rhyd, over at the OmniFocus Discourse forums, has put together a neat Alfred workflow available for download. His workflow has a whole lot of shortcuts that you can use to search your OmniFocus database.

For example, you can type the Alfred command (Command-Space for me), then

  • Type “.s” to call up a general search:

Or you can

  • Type “.p” to search through projects only:

There are a bunch more including:

  • .s – Search OmniFocus
  • .sa – Search OmniFocus for active tasks only
  • .g – Search OmniFocus for flagged tasks only
  • .ga – Search OmniFocus for flagged active tasks only
  • .n – Search notes in OmniFocus tasks
  • .na – Search notes in OmniFocus active tasks
  • .ng – Search notes in OmniFocus flaggedtasks
  • .p – Search OmniFocus for Projects
  • .pa – Search OmniFocus for Active Projects
  • .i – Search OmniFocus Inbox
  • .lf – List all folders in OmniFocus
  • .f – Search folders in OmniFocus
  • .lt – List all OmniFocus tags
  • .t – Search OmniFocus tags
  • .lv – List all perspectives in OmniFocus
  • .v – Search perspectives in OmniFocus

I’ve been having with it. Thanks, Rhyd!!