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Our tools can come to represent efficiency in ourselves and others, but this representation is distorted.

While I’ve made a name for myself with one of the more powerful task management apps out there, I still make mistakes. And I have no illusions that I will not make more.

It won’t tell me what to do unless I know how to arrange for a clear return. It won’t *make me* do anything.

Recently, after one particular error, my daughter even said,

“That’s not very “OmniFocus” of you,”

I’d turned down an invite from a friend for a boat ride due to what I thought was a conflicting obligation. But the night before, I suddenly realized that I actually could make it.

After going through my neurotic gymnastics of wondering if I were still invited, feeling awkward to ask, and the like, my daughter became understandably annoyed, and made the comment above.

We are not our tools.

Note taking apps, ChatGPT, and the like can all seduce us with whatever promises. We are still responsible for the use of our tools, not to mention building the skills to use them well.

– Kourosh

PS Getting Started, the 5th module for Waves of Focus, is nearly done. Beginning things, particularly difficult things, is not a trivial matter. If you’re at all interested in learning the skills to begin guiding your waves of focus, come on by.

PPS If you are interested in the skills of using a powerful task manager, consider Creating Flow with OmniFocus

PPPS We made it out to the boat and had a grand ol’ time.