ADHD – Victims and Survivors

ADHD – Victims and Survivors

Is ADHD real? It seems like everyone has it now. What symptom isn’t ADHD? Isn’t it over-diagnosed? In a lively 4th of July discussion, these questions sparked a deeper conversation about agency, personal responsibility, and the power of self-determination. Discover how reframing our understanding of agency can transform our approach to mental health and productivity.

Mental Health Resources in Second Life

  * Please note that this is a growing list and is not yet comprehensive. If you are involved in providing mental health services and wish to be listed here, please contact me. List follows at bottom of post.     Conducting therapy in SL was my...

Lecture: Therapy in Virtual Worlds

  The concerns of mental health know no boundaries. When we enter the virtual worlds, we still bring ourselves. Much as the adage goes about vacations, wherever we go, there we are. As such, we can also bring the concept of therapy into these very same realms. In...