Time isn’t an illusion. We swim in the stuff.

Time and attention would seem to be separate things.

But, I’m not so sure. I often wonder if they are just two perspectives used to describe different facets of the same thing, the words just more evidence of our blinded selves trying to understand another proverbial elephant.

Such were my ramblings on a recent Take Control ADHD podcast episode.

Several weeks ago, their team reached out to me to have me on as a guest. After doing my little happy dance, I thought of how I could reply coyly, but then threw coy to the wind, and simply said, “Yes!”

It turns out, Nikki and Pete were particularly entertained by my piece about Nature and ADHD. The idea is that those with ADHD and their deep engagement of the Now seem to be in tune with Nature. Time, of course, has its own nature.

Whether we measure it by the second or by the breath, by the clock or by the seasons of the day, we develop some relationship with it and the rhythms between them.

And so, I showed up to the podcast while Nikki and Pete kindly indulged such ramblings for about an hour.

If you are interested in such ramblings, give it a listen!

– Kourosh