Addendum: This is a parallel post to On Time Blocking.

Everyday I see clients and write a note based on those meetings. I like having a task to remind me for each note, but I don’t want to those tasks until the meeting has completed. Since the day’s appointments can change up until and sometimes through the day, it is impractical to write a task for each client.


The Workflow app helps in this regard. Workflow is an interesting app that allows for some degree of automated communication between applications in iOS.

Here, I ask for Workflow to create tasks for each of my day’s meetings. Each task is deferred until the time the session is scheduled to complete. They are also due at the end of the workday. The tasks are assigned to an unending project titled Write Client Notes. That project, in turn, has a default context set to @Draft.

Also, note that it only chooses calendar items assigned to the “Meetings” calendar. That way, any other types of calendar items do not appear as tasks.

If you are interested in using this process, consider triggering it as part of a morning office routine. It can be quite handy. You can download the workflow here:

Use your iOS device to select that link. Also, please be sure to adjust the calendar title, due dates, project and context names, and any other settings to fit your own workflows.