“You’re so smart, why can’t you just…?”

What a painful half-compliment.

If only there were a simple switch to make it all come together…

How many times have you heard?:

“You’re so creative. You’re so bright. Why can’t you get your act together?”

That half-compliment can hurt.

What if they’re right? Maybe you are bright, but you’ve never have been able to figure out where you stumble.

Maybe you even know you have potential, but you keep tripping and falling.

You try, you stub your toe, pick that one thing up, and find yourself in a flow of organizing until you’re spent. You collapse on the couch once again, and wait for the next painful cycle to return.

It’s not about forcing yourself. It’s not about “trying harder”. And my goodness does the phrase “work smarter” annoy me.

It’s important to be able to let go and be free in play and flow, that wonderful state where you’re fully engaged and making things happen.

But it’s also important to learn how and where to make decisions in the flow of your day.

You may be exhausted, having tried one system or one app after the next. Nor will you find it in a top ten list.

The wish to find that one thing to make it better, that one stick to pull that will let the dam free, is so understandable.

The search itself can feel like part of the exhaustion.

But we can realize also see the work as a practice. Even better, we can design exercises to deliberately start small, build, and let go.

When we do, we begin moving beyond the scared position of letting ourselves and others down and into the practice of creativity we already have within ourselves.

– Kourosh

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