When we try to get good at something, there’s often the sense of needing to challenge ourselves, of pushing. There’s often this kind of scrunched up face kind of image that we get with it. But I think what we lose in that, uh, looking for that, is that mastery involves ease. That when you’re so good at something, when you’re so masterful at the thing, It should be as easy as breathing.

You see that when you watch somebody who’s dancing or singing or whatever it is, and it looks like effortless. It’s because, to them, they’ve reached that point where it is. Now, the way we get there, however, is that we find that effortless place wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, and then nudge our way there, and we find a that in the tiniest, tiniest things.

A single note, for example. If you can play a single note well, hear that single note well, hear the beauty behind that one note, then that translates much more easily into other things that we do.