“Have I really just watched 5 episodes?”


“Clean this, pick up that, do the dishes, and oh yeah – the living room, …”

Restless waves can carry lost and frenetic feelings. Whether bingeing away or cleaning in a flurry, a subtle undertow may flow beneath without awareness.

With a pause, we might discover some underlying overwhelm, a worry that whatever decision we make will be a meaningless drop in the ocean.

Maybe a massive report awaits.

Maybe a crucial deadline creeps along.

Maybe your world is simply a mess.

“I just need to start somewhere…”


“I just don’t want to look at it right now…”

…and so we find solace in doing … something… anything.

Whatever the circumstances or state of our emotions, we can only start with where we are Now.

The Now is all we truly have.

Part of what can hold us back is the focus on the monumental task of doing.

Instead, if we can show up, being, we might find a meaningful momentum forward.

In other words, our work is to get there, to position ourselves within some vessel, some workspace, some playground, where our mind may find a genuine way forward.

The conscious act is simply to make a Visit.

Sometimes that’s as simple as showing up to a piece of paper to list the options of the moment.

Even the smallest ideas can connect us with our whims and worries.

Or we can simply be.

– Kourosh

​The Waves of Focus​’ next module, Crafting Messages – Tasks, Lists, and Future You, has just been released. Whether you use the back of your hand or a robust task manager, tasks are still about your relationship with Future You. How do you begin your way forward without force, without yelling at your Future Self? Designing your messages well can make a world of difference in getting to and even discovering where you want to go.